Parts, Programming, Paranoia

Hey Everyone!

Here’s a rundown of where we are right now.


Chassis has been assembled and is rolling. The motors are mounted and waiting to be connected to the e plate. We are currently waiting on a few parts to ship, so that we can finish assembly of the elevator and mechanism.


We are working on our code and are interfacing with the mechanical team. We are wiring the electrical board and all the components necessary for our vision program.


Dean’s List and Chairman’s Award submissions are complete.

Happy Building!


Food, Robots, Rain

Thank you to our wonderful sponsor Stan’s Donuts for providing us with breakfast on this rainy morning. To all of our friends who were in the Polar Vortex, we wish you the best of luck and hope you stayed warm.


Our BizOps team had a successful presentation at Maker Nexus on Wednesday. The Business Plan and Chairman’s award are being written and updated. The Safety Plan is nearly finished.

This weekend the Mech/Design team is riveting our chassis and assembling the drive train. Pieper 2.0 has been painted and will be joining our fleet once her handle is complete.

Pieper 2.0

Pieper 2.0


Programming has joined us in Hacker Dojo for the first time this weekend. We are excited to finally be working in one space as a team.

For everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year, Gung Hay Fat Choy!


2019 Build Season

Hey Everyone! We have finally moved out of our mentors’ garages and into Hacker Dojo. Thank you to everyone who helped us last season. We are very excited about Challenge: Deep Space and hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Our Design/Mechanical team has been hard at work designing our bot for this season. One of our team’s more interesting choices has been to try mecanum wheels instead of a drop six drive. Our CAD is nearly complete and our goal is to have a drivable chassis by next weekend. We are also designing and building a new robot cart that can be disassembled and reassembled easily. We will be welcoming Pieper 2.0 to the team shortly as her predecessor met an unfortunate end.

Our BizOps team is preparing several presentations and revamping our Business Plan. They are also updating our t shirts, Safety Plan, and competition logistics. We hope to see you at our pits as we have some new projects in the the works.

To all those who have supported us along the way, Thank You. We will see you at takeoff!


Calgames 2017

  This October, the Popcorn Penguins participated in the 2017 Calgames! 


Judges Award!

All our hard work during the past months have payed off! At Calgames, we won the Judges Award with our unorthodox yet beautiful wood robot!